open hands holding moneyWelcome to Money Reiki Abundance. Many of us, even though well-educated and well-prepared, seem to always be in a financial crisis. Either we struggle to manifest enough money and live paycheck to paycheck or the amount of money which should be sufficient seems to always dissolve so quickly. I had more than my share of money distresses. And while I’m a huge believer in affirmations and the Law of Attraction, the thing that must be used with the Law of Attraction is first clearing out the layers of negative energy around money that surrounds us and literally embodies us. Now I think this will make perfect to you as you reflect on the beliefs that your parents and grandparents had (have) about money. Although intellectually you may disagree with some of those beliefs that may not be helpful to you, the generations of energy are layered upon and have such a huge effect. And the more dis-harmonizing those beliefs (the more you disagree) the more conflict you will have with money – and it will be harder to attract it to you.

Now this is just one aspect of how we become separated from how we are meant to live in abundance, with great joy and prosperity. I invite you to learn more. I invite you to try Money Reiki to release these negative energies. You will learn that when one prospers we all rise up. This is prosperity for an individual, a tribe, a nation, a world.